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Billy Yamaguchi, Feng Shui Beauty and Wellness

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Have the best summer ever by taking control of your energy and your life. June and July are identified in Feng Shui as Fire Months: Creative, Fun Loving, Artistic, Expressive, Passionate, Vibrant and the Freedom to do absolutely nothing --sounds like you—well it could and should. Billy Yamaguchi, the first to adapt the ancient art and science of Feng Shui to Beauty and Wellness, shares his tips for looking and feeling great while celebrating the beauty that lies within.  He utilizes the Five Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood as identifiers of energy and has designed beauty techniques to enhance the individual’s beauty. These same five elements are used as a guide to your choice of nutrition, physical and mental exercises as well as play or recreation—don’t forget the magic of music and dance for good health.

Feng Shui Wellness: The Fire Months are the time to enjoy the bounty of fruits and foods for a healthy life.  With the warm/hot months, the emphasis on hydration extends to your skin, food, drink, hair and body. Water must be your drink of choice—select foods that not only satisfy your hunger but also hydrate your body and keep the Fire energy glowing. The bounty of fruits that hydrate are plentiful during these months: cherries, strawberries, raspberries, black and blueberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and all the making of a healthy beautiful salad.  Your body will reward you for your choices---to paraphrase the song, life is more than just a bowl of cherries. Love, laugh, share your talents and discover new ones. Take advantage of the great outdoors for your physical activities. Swimming, boating, beach volleyball, rowing, tennis, and golf offer opportunities to keep the blood flowing, the muscles moving and the breathing

Feng Shui Beauty: Fire energy offers no boundaries.  The freedom to explore and express artistic talents and creative dreams.  Hair –free and flowing or a time to shed the length if desired or to duplicate the glistening sand with California highlights.  Let your hair reflect you!

Fire Energy Beauty: Enhance with an edgy, disconnected, choppy or over textured style.  The cut and length will depend on your facial shape and features---or maybe not? Time for a dramatic style—disconnected or asymmetric cut? Think of a Picasso painting and discover the possibilities. Strive for an explosive or bold cut to release the Fire inside. Dance with the waves if you dare—feel the pulse of the ocean. Really embrace the beauty that is yours for the taking. Take a chance and celebrate the freedom of you.

Take a break – click here for a quick test to identify your energy as it changes according to your experiences and the stages of your life.

Beauty and Wellness don’t begin nor end with a new haircut, workout, or food.  It is more---identifying and honoring the Power of Your Energy and living the Yamaguchi Way for a healthier and beautiful life.


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