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How to adjust to COVID-19, the virus that invaded our country

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Yamaguchi utilizes the five elements in Feng Shui as identifiers of energy related to the individual.  This energy will change according to one’s stages in life and experiences. When we were notified to shelter in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was interested to see how different people responded. The following shows how people responded according to their energies. Are you able to identify your energy according to your response?

Fire Energy 

Takes an emotional approach to living: You face the dangers, the limitations imposed in order to survive, and find time to release your creative talents and dreams as you are reminded that the virus can be deadly. It is like a stealth bomber--you can’t see it-only the devastating effects of its path. So, what does your creative, impetuous soul do during the time when you are ordered to shelter in place? You adapt while making your domain colorful, turn the music a little louder, dance with your dreams, and dress for the day---even if you are the only one at home! You do look in the mirror as you walk past and when you do, smile and tilt your head showing that you still have it.  Write, paint, sing, or create an original desert for dinner, use your best China-for You. If not for you, then for Whom?

Earth Energy

Mother Earth--comforting those who make home our safe haven. Earth is our  nurturing energy that makes everything feel alright even when the news leaves an uneasy feeling of the unknown.  What is this invisible  enemy that has invaded America, our homes and our lives? We don’t know what it is -we only know what it does--and that is what makes us afraid. So, Mother Earth reassures us that we can overcome it by following guidelines and sheltering in place as ordered. When we need reassurance, we walk in our backyard, breathe in the fresh clean air, exercise our lungs and  feel comforted by the songs of the birds who came to serenade--our fears away.

Metal Energy

Always organized and in charge….Then along came the Corona Virus--and left no one in charge. How do you organize against what you can’t see, feel or smell? Disciplined, Structured, Confident--all traits that are needed, but they seem elusive during this whirlwind Virus Shutdown. How do you control what you can’t see--but are constantly reminded of its destructive path? You checked your cabinets -kitchen, bath and laundry- made a list of items needed and left immediately to fill your home with more than enough to last at least a month. You kept your routine in order to keep your balance. It bothers when you aren’t in charge, but you are able to adapt completely when needed--and Do.

Water Energy

Spiritual, visionary, knowledgeable, reflective--how did you not see this coming and get prepared? You can see that, see our air, blue skies and less smog makes our world cleaner because of the shelter in place order. Your strong beliefs will carry you through any days of doubt. You have studied all the material regarding the virus---this enemy that doesn’t discriminate. You serve as a reservoir of knowledge about the virus and share your calm, clear information that offers peace for the anxious. You are already preparing for post-corona virus pandemic. The world should be wiser as we value the knowledge regarding this elusive virus---what we can’t see can definitely harm us--lesson learned.

Wood Energy

Competitive, leader, adventurous, optimistic--these are definitely the traits that our country needs now to face the challenges that lie ahead. With a positive attitude, we are willing to arise to the occasion. What do we have to lose, only our lives and our future. We shall indeed overcome one step at a time until we are all running forward to be safe and to enjoy the freedom of this beautiful nation that we call home. The future allows us to rise to the occasion and make our lives better and never to take our way of life for granted. We are all better than we allow ourselves to be using renewable energy--ours!

Surviving the Pandemic---The Yamaguchi Feng Shui Way: Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Well

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