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We Are The Answer---You and I

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When all around us chaos whirls like a tornado with no ending, we become unsettled while searching for the ANSWER. We may not know the question, but we pray for an answer to this discord that rumbles through society. The questions are derived from the hurt that lies within, the insecurity when our world is trying to find its balance and then---the wind blows a spark or burning ember as we rush to put out that fire and then another injustice grabs our attention and we are left reeling while trying to find our CENTER. When is wrong ever right?  When is right ever wrong? How can we justify the next injustice that gets our attention as we rush to put out that fire. Where do we seek the answers? To our leaders--who have emerged to soothe our fears? We should all be leaders at least for ourselves. A great leader doesn’t wait to be asked to lead, She/he leads because her/his inner core and conscience doesn’t leave a choice. It isn’t acceptable to sit idly by and shake our heads, speak about being worried and yet, do nothing to address the elephant in the room--my apology to the elephant for the comparison.


We all DO know right from wrong--or else why do we say that we are a God -fearing country, value our freedom of religion--to worship as we please? We also are aware that we are taught from early childhood that we are our brother’s keeper.  Did we learn this lesson?  Or does that only apply if you look like me, think like me or live like me? God forbid that were so. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do---Do it! It is the survival of the fittest in moral character-not necessarily the wealthiest, the strongest or the loudest.  We must do the right thing--we do know what that is. No need to complain that our leaders are weak, the police over act, the Man is the enemy. If we aren’t doing something to right the wrongs-we become the enemy. We are as guilty as the people releasing their fear and anger as they seek to destroy what they perceive as the enemy. Really, the enemy lies within if we allow this negativity to lay claim to our soul and mind. We are stronger than we allow ourselves to be.  As Americans , we see wrongs and try to right them--like all of those who gave their lives advocating for us to use our strength to center our country and to assure that the promise of a free country for all people  finally becomes a reality.


We can do this---You and I. Don’t wait--reach out. Stand for something or you will find yourself sinking on quicksand quickly.

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