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Kick Start your Renewable Energy with a Feng Shui Blueprint

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Make this a year of Awareness, Growth, and Change utilizing
your Feng Shui Blueprint

Understanding who we are is vital. Understanding where we have been is valuable. Understanding where we are going is a new adventure-Make it one for the books. Believing we can change and make a difference is powerful.

The first step in finding out who we are lies in the Feng Shui Consultation which provides a blueprint for beauty services and our life. Feng Shui is the ancient study of energy. First of all, what is Feng Shui? Many people are familiar with the term only when used in design or architecture. Feng means wind which is the air we breathe and Shui represents water of
which comprises 75% of our body. Yamaguchi utilizes the five elements in Feng Shui as identifiers of our personal Energy: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Our energy will change according to our experiences and the stages of our life.

In order to construct a building, we need a blueprint. To plan our life, we, also, need a blueprint. It is much easier to change or adjust the blueprint for our lives than to follow a blueprint for architecture. Feng Shui Consultation provides a blueprint designed to identify who you are-your personality and how you live-your lifestyle using the five elements: Fire,
Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood energies. Our Energy changes according to our lifestyle and the stages of our life. So, our blueprint needs to be updated frequently to reflect our journey. Yamaguchi uses a Chi Check to insure that our blueprint reflects who we are. To have a balanced life, we must understand who we are and if we don’t like who we are, change. We are the only ones who can change our energy and how we respond to the challenges and joys in our life. We are stronger than we allow ourselves to be. This will take patience, but we have it: Change our pattern, Change our words, Change our life with Feng Shui Beauty, Wellness, and Living. Let our presence reflect the beauty within. Update our blueprint through the stages of our life.

Today, a client came into our salon for a Feng Shui Beauty. After a participatory consultation to find out how she defines herself and how she lives, Billy Yamaguchi shared her responses according to Feng Shui. She was the one who described how she viewed herself. Now the blueprint was ready for the transformation to begin according to her answers. The change was obvious not only in her hair color, cut, and styling, but the way she looked at herself in the mirror and the way she walked. I asked her what was the change she saw---her response was: ”I looked pretty when I saw myself. It felt so right and I felt lighter and brighter-more like me. This
pandemic has had me feeling so contained that now, I can be me and free.”

Our blueprint reflects where we are going-moving forward. Use the renewable energy that lies within. Make a difference with a smile, laugh, greeting, or seeing a wrong and making it right. We are more powerful than we allow our- selves to be. Use your energy to kick start a movement. A smile is contagious-feel and share the energy for a brighter tomorrow. We design the blueprint for our lives-make it a Masterpiece!




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