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Feng Shui-Five Elements = Five Senses

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Feng Shui Energy influences our Lives as reflected in our five Senses.
 Written by: Patricia Shepherd     Photographs by: Seiji Yamaguchi
WOOD--HEAR             EARTH--TASTE 

After several months of Shelter in Place with no touching, we realize the crucial need for physical socialization--TOUCH- in order for society to heal and thrive. Bumping elbows or fists are  weak substitutes. We become emotional and feel the need to hug, shake hands, and embrace our fellowman and family.  We desire the FIRE energy  of touching that lies within.

When we TASTE the bounty of Mother Earth, a feeling of security eases our fears and comforts our souls. Food not only nourishes our bodies, but it  also nourishes our souls. Experiencing nature is essential to creating a healthy body and mind.  Our taste changes with our exposure to new foods from Mother Earth and our need to share our bounty.

The power of SMELL alerts us to danger and reminds us of the strength that lies within for our protection. Whether it is the aroma of a beautiful candle, flowers from our garden or a burning bush, our senses respond to the scent. Our desire to be organized, clean, and efficient -requires the discipline of  METAL Energy.

Without the gift of SIGHT or the Water energy that is constantly moving forward, our world would become stagnant and growth would be minimum. Our thirst for knowledge and tomorrow makes the world always changing as we celebrate the beauty that surrounds us.

We celebrate the gift of HEARING---the sounds of warnings, joy, laughter and tears. Wood energy feeds the momentum of growth and abundance. We remember the people we meet and share their stories to remind us of who we are. 

We are more balanced when we utilize our five senses. Our society flourishes when we honor and utilize all five elements that identify the Energies and comprise our World -----and US. 

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